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I have been playing the ukulele since my 8th birthday. After mastering the basics, my late father Dennis Moss introduced me to my mentor, the late great Ray Bernard, from whom I first learned solo chord melody. From that moment on, I became focused on this style. I was also influenced by the recordings of Roy Smeck from the USA and this is evident in my concert material today.
I was the first person to perform the William Tell Overture, at the wee age of 12, winning a national competition against seasoned players! A proud moment for my late father.

I spent 30 years exploring other instruments as well and contributing to various recording projects. Returning exclusively to my first instrument, around about 2012, my own abilities and audiences grew exponentially! With my ukulele, I have been very fortunate to have toured around America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, throughout Europe and of course good old Blighty! Added to that, I have appeared on BBC television and radio on numerous occasions.
I like to think my concerts are engaging, offering a wide range of material from different genres including laid back tunes, intense material and everything in between. I am passionate about what I do.

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