Please find listed below the workshops at present. Please note these may be subject to change.

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09.30  - A.D. Cooke. Vocal coaching.

             Peter Moss. Intros and Endings:

             Just as important as the tune itself ! Peter offers a variety of intros presented in four keys and                        different speeds. Instead of the typical two chord ending five to eight chords are offered depending                on the style of the piece being performed.

            You will need to be proficient in Barre chords to get the best from this workshop.

10.45 -  Verity. Ukulele plucking techniques


              Introducing a range of plucking patterns to suit different song styles, this workshop will also                         cover the basics of reading a tab (for those who can't already). You need to  have mastered the                       basics of ukulele, and while none of the chords will be particularly difficult, some may be                               unusual to you.  

             Opera-lele. Singing in harmony:

             Covers some basic rules of singing in harmony with other people.

             Learn a song together and build up the layered parts. Ukuleles are ideal but not essential.

             Suitable for beginners/ intermediate.

             George and Mandi will show you how to put three or four parts together and hold on to your own                 part without being put off by everyone else. Learn together! Have a good old laugh and end by                       singing in four part harmony.

             Wear loose clothing, bring your uke if you have it.

12.00 -  Danilo Vignola. Flamenco ukulele

            Martyn 'Eek' Cooper. Preparing for performance



09.30     Matthew Quilliam  - Playing Formby style (intermediate) 

             Martyn 'eek' Cooper - Learn a tune and play on stage (beginners)

10.45     J.C. Grimshaw - Advanced fretboard arrangements  (strong intermediate level and above)

            A.D. Cooke - Songwriting 

            Both of these workshops will include a two minute silence at 11.00.

            From 10.50 to 11.30 John Bentley will lead a period of contemplation as we remember those who                    gave the ultimate sacrifice during The Great War 1914- 1918.

12.00  Beginners Hula Dancing - Verity (all welcome)

           What could be a better combination than hula and ukulele?

           This workshop will introduce some basic foot and body steps (kaholo and ami), and add some                       traditional hand movements to accompany a song. No previous experience necessary and you won't             be attempting to play the ukulele and dance at the same time!

           Peter Moss - Rock 'N' Roll fun workshop:

           Four classic Rock'N' Roll tunes in four different keys, written in two levels of difficulty to cater for                 the individuals ability. An intro and ending are added for that extra bit of polish!

           Opera-lele - Join Opera-lele's opera chorus:

           Join the opera chorus and sing on stage with opera-lele! In theis workshop you will be taught to                   sing an opera chorus which you will then have the opportunity to perform on stage with Opera-lele!

           Ukuleles are required. Suitable for beginners and intermediates. 

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